Sports Relocation

Sports relocation is a fact of life among professional athletes. Whether you got traded and you have to move, or whether your entire team has to relocate, chances are you won’t be staying in one place in the course of your career.

As a professional athlete, however, taking a break from your job in order to arrange a move just isn’t possible. That’s what ReloSport, Inc. is for. We deal with everything that has to do with sports relocation, from marketing professional athletes’ homes to thoroughly researching the advantages and disadvantages of the specific neighborhoods that you might be interested in. We will not only sift through real estate listings and provide you with a pre-screened selection of homes to choose from, we will look up school reports and local activities for children, refer you to reliable housekeeping service providers, caterers, chauffer services, interior decorators, and any other service you require.

At ReloSport, Inc., we understand the many factors involved in sports relocation and how a move can be complicated by the demands of the career of a professional athlete. Our extensive knowledge and experience in real estate and in helping numerous professional athletes move from city to city across the country has prompted us to provide our clients with a wide range of services that go above and beyond the usual relocation services. We know how intense your career can get and how tight the given timeframes sometimes are. Leave the worrying to us, we’ll take care of you.